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Seaside Computers Ltd. opened in 1995 in downtown Duncan. We sell, service and support computers and related peripherals. Boasting the largest computer repair facility in the Cowichan Valley we have experienced technicians who can repair your computer quickly and efficiently.

Parts Sales

We carry a large stock of commonly used components, such as hard drives, RAM, DVD-RW's, power supplies and other nuts and bolts required to fix common computer problems. We carry a limited number of "higher-end" components as well. Your best bet is to call us at 746-9715 and ask if we have what you're looking for. If you want to save a few bucks give us a call, you will find the Staples and Best Buy often will sell parts for a lot more than we do. We also have odd-ball stuff that box stores don't carry, or can simply give you advice over the phone regarding your particular problem. Don't be shy!